Calling in Sacred  Purpose Business Owners..
Is your guidance calling you to make more impact? 

Do you want to get ground your higher knowledge and call in more of the soul clients and community?

Do you want to educate more people, build trust and automate the process?

Do you want to work with a team that understands what you're doing and is riding the waves of ascension and with you?

Have you felt overwhelmed with all the systems, tech bits and bobs, you need to ground and align with the impact that's in your soul?

We're guided to show you a solution...

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We Have Some Questions For You...
  • Have you been wanting to get the foundations in your business grounded? (This includes your payment system, funnels, email system etc)
  • Is your confidence taking a bit of a hit because you feel like your business doesn't look professional enough, to TRULY amplify and shine your magnificent light?
  • Do you have incredible gifts and services, your clients are getting amazing results, but you're struggling to express and educate people about what you're doing (and a few social media posts here and there feel like you're not doing it justice)
  • Have you worked with marketers or business coaches in the past, who you've spent a small fortune with and been left with little to show for it?
  • Do you get excited when you think of building a soul tribe of loyal followers, who are getting incredible results and they grow with you, as you continue to evolve on your journey?
  • Are you looking for a sustainable way to run your business, educate more people, build trust to break through the faux spirituality, amplify your message and have true freedom, to serve at your highest?
  • Have you been struggling to find a team to work with, who understands what you're doing and is working towards the same purpose?
We've heard you and have been guided to create something 
to Support you, support humanity and support Gaia's ascension...
Lucy and Amelia are so good at what they do. They’ll give you 110% and blow you away with the results you'll get. Just as committed as you are to yourself and your business, they will be as committed to you and get the results you’re wanting!
Aaron Baldock & Greer Ashley,
How Does It Work?
Here's A Sneak Peak Of What We've Been Guided To Create, To Support Your Service

Identity ~ Your Heart and Soul Of Yourself & Your Business

* Identity and Branding Templates, Examples & Questionnaires
* Community Templates, Examples & Questionnaires
* How to integrate your guidance into your business and your community. How to mould your business model to work in flow, for you and your clients
* Meditations and vibrational exercises to call in your ideal clients and tribe
* Plus much more...

OUTCOME: To get full clarity on your business and community. To get clear on your message and what you want to AMPLIFY to the world. To ensure your message is aligned with you guidance, TRUTH and Soul-Tribe.

Onboarding System & Logistics

* Automated Payment System, Invoicing and Receipts
* Automated Email System (captures client and lead information)
* Automated Welcome Sequence for clients
* Simple Metrics to see your payment breakdowns & client activity
* Plus much more...

OUTCOME: To professionalise your internal systems. To provide a beautiful client experience and get vision on your client and cash flow.


* High Dollar Sales Process (Complete Automation for 1:1 Mentoring)
* Masterclass Funnel - To give you a tool to educate and build trust with your soul clients
* Membership Site
* Retreat Funnel
* Working with us personally to ensure your essence is captured
* All funnels integrated with your email system and automated emails set up

OUTCOME: To look professional and have structure and processes in place to send leads and make sales. We want you to focus on working in your genius - rather on the tech.

Building Your Tribe That Serves Many & Gives You Sustainability

* Group Creation Templates and Examples
* Weekly & Monthly Tribe Content Development
* Tribe Engagement and Current Group\Follower Resurrection Templates
* Tribe Introduction Templates and Examples
* How To Get People Into Your Tribe/Community strategies and templates
* Plus much more...

OUTCOME: To sell your products and services with ease, grace and integrity, while being of highest service to all. To build a strong tribe of people who are working towards the same goal and purpose, who grow with you.

One-On-One Consulting/Coaching

* Weekly Calls with Amelia & Lucy - We want to work with you intimately to ground the alignment of your vibrational signature into your business
* Intuitive Business Coaching & Business Model Recommendations
*Intention and Channelling of guidance and grounding steps
* Personal Tribe Building Assistance - personally spent in your community to support you
* Plus much more…

OUTCOME: To work with you one-on-one, deeply understand you and your vision. To help you overcome the things in your business holding you back and ensure everything is running seamlessly when we take our hands off.

*A percentage of all proceeds go back into projects to support indigenous communities to bring back ancient knowledge
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who are the queens that bridge?
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    Hi, I'm Lucy Prebble
    10 years ago I began this journey, with a business degree up my sleeve. I was a marketing manager to many working 70+ hours p/w, pushing to turn multiple global Coaching and Consulting Businesses into Million Dollar Companies.

    After 9 years of working one-on-one with corporate Businesses, I found myself burnt out and unfulfilled. I also felt like the marketing industry was exploiting good people. It was obvious the businesses getting the most amplification of their message, had the biggest budgets, yet I'd found a way where my clients weren't spending much and were still having substantial impact.

    It was then I stepped into my own ascension journey and started being called to sacred sites all around the world to activate my soul remembrance. I shut down the business I was working in and turned to service. I had been exposed to the systems, I had the strategies and I knew I was here to share. To contribute in helping those with the most important messages. The ones that we're here to help humanity and Gaia ascend.

    Like our own human vessel, I believe it's important for every business to have a strong foundation (base-chakra). In doing so, it gives us the confidence to step forward, receive more guidance and activate more people. 

    I am a galactic systemiser, using my gift to support raising of the vibration of the planet and the shift into 5D consciousness.

    I believe, every single one of you deserve to have the foundations, to do the same.
    Your Soul-Clients & Contracts are Waiting x
      Hi, I'm Amelia Jones
      I have always been looking for more meaning. I was working two jobs, studying everything under the sun ~ sociology, channelling courses, tarot courses, psychology courses, business management, theta healing, running a million dollar department and a network marketing company.

      I dived deep into many leadership roles throughout the companies and communities I was part of. All of these beautiful experiences lead me to the same thing. The realisation of the true power of coming together.

      Throughout my journey, commUNITY played a crucial part in my growth, my healing and the impact I had with others. By having a tribe of people who shared a common goal or purpose, I witnessed magical things happen. 

      Not just sometimes, I saw magic happen in these tribes/communities, DAILY. Incredible results, deeper connections with self, others and life. 

      Truly, MASSIVE IMPACT. 

      Because of this, I am extremely passionate about helping others dreams and visions, come to life in their own tribe/community. In doing so, it opens up incredible opportunities to be of service and growth for every tribe member involved.

      I can’t wait to support you in building your own tribe and seeing the magic unfold.
      Client Results...

      Aaron and Greer |

      Danielle Sultana | 1:1 Mentoring

      Full & Automated Client Calendar 

      Education & Building Trust

      Automated Sales Process

      A Twin flame partnership Who Have Come Together
      To Pursue and Remember Our Divine, Sacred Mission, To Help Humanity & Gaia 

      Who Is ThisOffering For?
      • Conscious, purpose-driven, business owners, on Sacred Purpose and Mission
      • Those actively ascending and wanting to help others
      • Those wanting to work with Soul Clients and build a commUNITY
      • Heart-centred and authentic beings​
      • Beings wanting firm foundations and to create a strong, sustainable business, as we all ascend into the New Earth - This is not ‘A Quick-Fix’
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      we'd like to get to know you a bit more and learn about your challenges xx
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       For those committed to themselves and their Sacred journey
      Free 5D Business Masterclass
      For Business Owners in Service to Others
      How To Prepare Your Sacred Destiny Business for 2020, Amplify Your Light & Ground Your 5D Knowledge Into The 3D Without Having To Do All The Tech & Logistics You've Been Resisting
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      Thank you for your time, energy and service to humanity xx