Hosted by amelia jones & lucy prebble
Starseeds + Lightworkers sent here to support New Earth Leaders to get into full alignment to live their Sacred Mission, Purpose and 5D Business. Here to help bridge humanity into the New Earth.
This New Earth Masterclass Includes
 gift #1
Ancient Practices + Tools to Use to Clear your Vessel to Access Clear Guidance for Your Purpose + Mission

 Gift #2
Clear Blockages + Fears Holding You Back From Stepping Into The Next Level of Your New Earth Leadership

 Gift #3
How To Propel + Pivot your Current Business Into Higher Levels of Service + Impact At This Time (with COVID-19 in the air)

 gift #4
Key Ways To Authentically Start Educating + Building Trust With The Souls You're Here To Serve
(even if you haven't started your business yet)

 gift #5
Clarity on how to get into Alignment with your Financial Abundance + Guidance on What's Been Blocking You

 Gift #6
How to get a graceful balance between spiritual and physical (so you can serve + still have an abundant life

 Gift #7
Higher Frequency, Consciousness + New Earth Business Understanding

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About Your Hosts:

Lucy and Amelia have been bought together at this monumental time in history to support, guide and co-create with those committed to their Sacred Purpose and Mission. 

Supporting in clearing of past trauma holding us back, empowerment and grounding of your Sacred Business, Mission and Purpose. Though their own trauma, experiences and ascension journey, they've been given specific codes to help further activate humanity and support the bridge of ascension.

Building multiple multi-million dollar companies and working 1:1 with clients all over the planet (clients featured in Forbes, ABC, Entrepreneur, The Guardian plus much more) for more than 10 years in pursuit of their mission, to gather the knowledge to help you in your own.

You Are Who You've Been Waiting For

an invitation for those committed to their life purpose + serving their mission

New Earth  Results
the new way of business. I’ve experienced this in a massive massive way from working with the girls from Queens That Bridge. Working and playing together on marketing and it’s been so true and so authentic. Where it is no longer transactional. It’s been incredible, without any ego WHATSOEVER. The space and true feedback that has been created Allowing us and the business to move forward a whole lot quicker. Thank you so much girls, it’s an absolute pleasure to be working and playing with the two of you and I can see this happening for a very, very long time. I’m enjoying this new paradigm of working, non competitiveness and really coming together to create something epic and magical.
Dan Kurlapski | Sydney, Australia
I would completely and honestly recommend Lucy & Millie to work with anyone seeking guidance on this path of ascension. When I first talked to them it was an instant connection that instantly shed light on what was holding me back. Not only their support and kind words, but really amazing ancient tools - ones that are different from anything I have ever done before. They have given me an extra activation in my whole process. Thank you so much Millie and Lucy, you two are truly each one of a kind.
Theresa Themelis | Oregon, USA
The results from working with these WOMEN has been amazing. I was surprised how quickly things shifted for me after getting access to these tools. This stuff will change your life in more ways than one. They've help guide me to a much better life and much more awareness of my life purpose.
Danni Sultana | Sydney, Australia
The New Way of life + Business
Clear, Connect, Create, Contribute, Co-Create
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