Free masterclass for those committed to their sacred journey...

How To Find Love, Purpose 
& Business Alignment in less than 6 Months, by following the 
divine synchronicities

Hosted by amelia jones & lucy prebble
Starseeds + Lightworkers sent here to support bridging humanity into the New Earth
This Masterclass Includes
 Gift #1
How we activated 181 days of synchronicities and miracles
 Gift #2
How we found true love for ourselves and the #1 thing everyone is doing that stops us finding it that can be shifted very gracefully
 Gift #3
How we found sacred love and the signs we had to follow to find each other
 Gift #4
The biggest dark night of the soul we were presented to shift through and the life changing gift that came out of it
 Gift #5
The difference between true spirituality and the illusion that has been created to keep us trapped and searching
 Gift #6
How we aligned our business with our life mission and now it flows with ease, flow and grace & the importance of turning your mission into a business for all those who are awakening right now

About Amelia + Lucy

Hello Beautiful...
Thank you for the committment to better yourself and your life. 

We see you and honour you deeply.

On this masterclass we will be sharing our journey from mud, to miracles and all the love in between ❤️

Both choosing hard paths of trauma, abuse and abandonment in the early stages of our lives. Amelia hiding from her past in the path of addiction.

Lucy, taking solace in her work, building businesses, control, manipulation and relability on her ego, to make sure she never lost control of herself or her freedom ever again.

18 months ago we choose to really surrender and stand up to face the truth. To reserect our self love, inner child and connection to the universe.

Since our insanely syncronistic meeting (which involves Egypt and a blue crystal), it activated something within us. Sky-rocketing our lessons, our learnings and our contracts in this life time. In tow bringing massive wounds, triggers and lessons... to bring forth, our true purpose, true love (for ourselves and eachother) and true MAGIC 💫.

Since gathering the tools we needed (which we'll be sharing with you on this masterclass) we've now stepped into full alignment with our business, travelling the world sharing our stories, living in our purpose and helping others fast-track their own process to find their true-selves, love, soverignty, alignment and abundance.

We cannot wait to show you the map of how we did it in hopes you can find it too (without searching outside yourself or having to travel thousands of miles for the answers) xxx
I would completely and honestly recommend Lucy & Millie to work with anyone seeking guidance on this path of ascension. they instantly shed light on what was holding me back. They have given me that next level activation in my whole process. Thank you so much Millie and Lucy, you two are truly each one of a kind.
Theresa Themelis, Oregon, USA
 Masterclass Love & Results
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