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We Help Lightworkers, Starseeds and New Earth Leaders step into true Purpose and Mission here on Earth.

Once you're there, we Help you Build and Scale your New Earth Business so you can Help Others.

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the new way of business. I’ve experienced this in a massive massive way from working with the girls from Queens That Bridge. Working and playing together on marketing and it’s been so true and so authentic. Where it is no longer transactional. It’s been incredible, without any ego WHATSOEVER. The space and true feedback that has been created Allowing us and the business to move forward a whole lot quicker. Thank you so much girls, it’s an absolute pleasure to be working and playing with the two of you and I can see this happening for a very, very long time. I’m enjoying this new paradigm of working, non competitiveness and really coming together to create something epic and magical.
Dan Kurlapski
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I would completely and honestly recommend Lucy & Millie to work with anyone on this path of ascension. They instantly shed light on what was holding me back. Not only their support and kind words, but really amazing ancient tools. They have given me an extra activation in my whole process. Thank you so much Millie and Lucy, you two are truly each one of a kind.
Theresa Themelis, Oregon, USA
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