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Free Resources

Lessons, learnings and tips we've learnt on our journey, 
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FREE 5D BUSINESS MASTERCLASS: How To Prepare Your Sacred Destiny Business for 2020 Amplify Your Light & Ground Your 5D Knowledge Into The 3D Without Having To Do All The Tech & Logistics You've Resisted

This is a free training for those who are in building their Sacred Purpose Business. Full of tools, tips and learnings to get all the foundations set up in your business and how to ground your 5th Dimensional guidance into the 3D. With over 18 years of combined experience in building multiple multi-million dollar purpose-based businesses. 

FREE CONSCIOUSNESS MASTERCLASS: How To Find Love, Purpose  & Business Alignment In 181 days by following the divine synchronicities... 

This is a free training for those who are currently (or are ready to) follow their heart and soul calling. Full of stories, lessons and laughs to help you on your journey. We know it can be so difficult at times and it doesn't have to be. 

FREE MP3 MEDITATION: Activate and Align Your Life To Your Future Self + Purpose

This is free meditation/visualisation/activation you will be taken through a powerful process, to align to your future self, future vision and start to pull back the layers of your purpose here on Earth. For those who are currently (or are ready to) follow to step into their highest self.

FREE VIDEO 5D BUSINESS ACTIVATION: 6 Must-Haves To Get Your Sacred Purpose Business Thriving

This is free video download we share 15+ years of combined experience in building coaching and consulting businesses. The 6 core things every business, who has a soul mission to make a great impact in the world needs. For those who are here on Earth currently to act as a bridge to help activate and support in raising the vibration of the planet, using your light working gifts.
I would completely and honestly recommend Lucy & Millie to work with anyone seeking guidance on this path of ascension. When I first talked to them it was an instant connection that instantly shed light on what was holding me back. Not only their support and kind words, but really amazing ancient tools - ones that are different from anything I have ever done before. They have given me an extra activation in my whole process. Thank you so much Millie and Lucy, you two are truly each one of a kind.
Theresa Themelis, Oregon, USA
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