Hi, We're Lucy + Amelia
We're here right now to support the raising the earth's vibration,
the transition into 5D Business and the shift in global consciousness
It's time for us all to BE WHO WE CAME HERE TO BE
Who Are
OUR VISION: To support in raising the vibration of the planet, to help shift global consciousness. For all humans to have access to the resources they need to, to BE WHO THEY CAME HERE TO BE. For all humans to live in love, harmony peace and presence.
OUR MISSION: We believe all humans should be free to express their true selves and soul gifts with the world. We provide a platform, resources, and a community for those on their journey to serve their sacred purpose and destiny to co-create, share and empower one another.
I would completely and honestly recommend Lucy & Millie to work with anyone seeking guidance on this path of ascension. When I first talked to them it was an instant connection that instantly shed light on what was holding me back. Not only their support and kind words, but really amazing ancient tools - ones that are different from anything I have ever done before. They have given me an extra activation in my whole process. Thank you so much Millie and Lucy, you two are truly each one of a kind.
Theresa Themelis, Oregon, USA
Our Values
  • Integrity - Living in our truth and helping others do the same
  • ​Sharing our soul gifts with all
  • Be of service
  • ​Conscious Co-creation
  • ​Bringing back Ancient and Indigenous Knowledge
  • ​Only work with heart-based humans & businesses
  • Contributing to creating Heaven on Earth - helping people transition from the Matrix into the New Earth
  • ​Divinity, Oneness, Equality for all
  • ​Global Education & Contribution to Paradigm Shifts
  • ​Connection to Our Own Source
  • ​Well-being. Expansion of Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit
  • ​Remember Who You Are
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Starseed, Lightworker, Planetary Gridworker, systemiser,
5D Business Coach & Executor
    Hi, I'm Lucy Prebble
    10 years ago I began this journey, with a business degree up my sleeve. I then continued working 70+ hours p/w, pushing my way to turn multiple coaching and consulting businesses into million dollar companies… 

    After 9 years of working one-on-one with corporate businesses, I found myself burnt out and frustrated I couldn't help more people. I was unfulfilled. I also felt like the marketing industry was exploiting the good ones. It was obvious the businesses getting the most amplification of their message, had the biggest budgets… Yet my clients hadn’t spent hardly anything and were still having massive impact and had solid structures in place.

    It was around this point, I had a major trauma happen in my life that re-awakened me and I started pursuing my own ascension journey, clearing and facing my dark night of the soul. I really wanted to help. I had the systems, I had the strategies and I knew I was here to share. To contribute in helping those with the most important messages. The ones that were here to share their knowledge from their current and past lives and help humanity and Gaia ascend.

    I believe it's important for all of us to have balance and strong foundations (even though sometimes it's easier to live in the etheric realms). In doing so, it gives you the confidence to step forward and shine your light even brighter with the world. 

    I am ready to contribute and co-create using my gifts to help raise the vibration of the planet and serve at my highest.

    I believe, every single one of you deserve to have the knowledge and business foundations to do the same xx
    Starseed, Lightworker, Planetary Gridworker, Community/Tribe Innovator & Clairvoyant
      Hi, I'm Amelia Jones
      In the past 10 years I’ve struggled with a lot of addiction and abuse. 
      Everything from alcohol, drugs, food, exercise, smoking, relationships - you name it I’ve been there. 

      Through all of this, I’ve also experienced a lot of unfulfillment and unhappiness which lead me to search for much more. 

      Through the search I studied many areas; sociology, channelling courses, tarot courses, psychology courses, business management, theta healing, running a million-dollar department and a successful network marketing company. 

      All amazing experiences, but none of this bought me the true fulfilment and meaning I was seeking. I searched so far beyond myself in everything I could... Spiritual retreats, more courses and heap of spiritual healing - finding myself even more lost and gradually in more debt. 

      Eventually it finally clicked... though you may not believe the lengths it actually took… I finally found all that I was looking for and you wouldn't believe where I found it!

      So, what do you do, when you find the answers? I have been guided to share them with the world, by merging myself into the other half of queens that bridge, so you don't have to go through the same pain I did to find them. 

      This is why I’m I’ve dedicated my life to helping all humans to be free and happy to express their true, authentic self’s and soul gifts with the world. 

      We do this through helping you tap into your heart (your TRUTH blueprint) and supporting you with our courses and in our communities. 

      Thanks for taking this leap of faith, to follow your intuition, we hope to help you ease the pain of your journey xxx
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